High Throughput Drug Discovery Screening
A large international drug company needed a high-throughput drug discovery system that could accommodate a multitude of simultaneous processes. It was required to handle microtiter plates with heavy stainless steel lids. Typical robots working in drug discovery were laboratory type robots on long linear tracks. These robots had light payloads, were less than rugged, and slow.

Technical Capabilities Involed:

  • software data integration
  • robotics integration
  • vision applications
  • material handling solutions
  • dispense applications
  • inspection testing
High Throughput Drug Discovery Screening
When speed to market is critical in today’s ultra-competitive global environment, the new FlexChassis® modular automation platform gives you the power to succeed faster. It minimizes up-front system concepting, design and build time and gives you unmatched flexibility for high-speed, high-volume assembly in almost any industry.
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Engineering Services

JR Automation is often called on to play a consulting role and provide engineering services to clients. Partnering with JR Automation will give your team access to our deep bench of engineers, experienced pros who can help you dig into process development and specifications. Often we’re able to simplify designs or processes and reduce complexity, resulting in lower per unit costs and even a better experience for the end user.


From R&D to simulation and testing to technical documentation, we will come alongside your team to get into production faster and more efficiently.

FDA and Audit Support
One of the unique benefits of partnering with JR Automation is that we’ll maintain the documentation required for the iterative path medical products take to market. Let us be your trusted partner that accounts for compliance with the current Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP5) guidelines. We have validation experts on staff and four decades of experience adhering to the letter of the law to ensure your product earns approval.
Lifecycle Management and Support

JR Automation can design a program to support your organization whether you’re an experienced medical and life science manufacturer, or if this is your first automation system. We can support your company through changes in systems, personnel, and the environment.


We rest our commitment to the highest possible uptime and lowest possible lifecycle costs on four pillars:

  1. Parts: From maintenance to forecasting stock needs and sourcing - we can help keep your systems running at peak performance.
  2. Remote Support: Get access to our seasoned engineers 24/7, 365 days a year to answer your questions.
  3. Field Services: Between our 28 facilities worldwide, and thousands of employees stationed throughout the US, we can have someone on premises to augment your team.
  4. Modernizations and Small Projects: When the time comes to tune up your systems, we have dedicated engineers who can help you upgrade or modify how they perform.

Robotics and Automation for Medical and Life Sciences

Medical product and material handling manufacturers need to meet rigorous safety and verification standards, as well as be fast, efficient, flexible, and accurate. Automation systems improve performance in the following areas:

  • Efficiency & Accuracy
  • Flexibility
  • Speed 
  • Quality
  • Traceability & Serialization
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Medical Face Mask Production Line

Medical Face Mask Production Line




Medical Device Assembly

Assembly and process systems for diagnostic tests and treatment devices, including surgical devices, auto injectors, wearables, inhalers, connected care, regenerative medicine, and more.

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Biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical assembly and process systems, including manufacturing and formulation, filling and dispensing, packaging, and more.

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From assembly automation, dispensing, and vision systems to process design, controls engineering, and software integrations, our team has built custom technology solutions for every application, process, and industry. We also provide turnkey models that can be engineered to fit seamlessly with your parts and processes.

Of our many capabilities, those most valuable to the medical & life sciences industry include:

  • Material Preparation & Handling
  • Product/Device Assembly
  • Test & Inspection
  • Digital Solutions
  • Packaging

Product Expertise

Our background includes experience with cleanroom environments, high-volume manufacturing, processes with a high degree of precision and repeatability, and more. We also have extensive experience with the certifications and validation processes required for the life sciences industry. Our vast background includes:


Diagnostic products
Point of care
Lateral flow assembly
Rapid immunoassay
Hospital and physician devices
Personal protection equipment
Surgical instruments and tools
Infusion sets
Cannula assembly
Medical waste management
Hospital beds
Nuclear medicine
In vitro processing
Emergency care products
Nasal spray
Oral solid and liquid
Pre-filled delivery devices
Drug testing
Transdermal patches
Blood glucose monitoring
Hearing pods
Dental devices
Lab on a chip
Animal health
Laser stents
Gender sorting eggs
Contact lenses
IV catheters
Vaccine systems
Biotechnology products
Molded lenses
Biochemical and cell-based drug discovery
Home health and consumer devices
Holistic, Flexible, and Specialized Solutions

In the highly regulated environment of medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, not only are you tasked with reducing cycle time and cost, but at the same time quality and output needs to be increased. At JR Automation, our innovative and specialized teams partner with you to navigate those challenges and transform your processes.

Certified Excellence
ITAR certified facility
Qmed Qualified Supplier
ISO 9001:2015 registered
ria-certified Robot Integrator
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