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Swing Thing

Swing Thing
The award-winning Swing Thing coaster gives riders of all ages an exhilaratingly smooth flying sensation as they pivot front-to-back and side to side in a vibration-dampened experience that eliminates the jerks and pops of traditional suspended coasters. This unique design allows riders’ feet to dangle freely as they rush over hills, down drops and around turns on an original coaster unlike any other.
Swing Thing Features
The bogie design provides exclusive front-to-back and side-to-side articulation for added thrill and unique experiences.
Parks can improve the ride experience by designing the coaster to glide above water features or other attractions with custom layouts.
The swing thing lever and water-bomb design enable riders to bomb when they want and how much they want.
Adequate weight allowance enables parks to custom-theme the ride vehicle. Our customers have added custom-themed bogie covers, canopies, special seats, and seat backs.
The water-bombing feature provides riders with up to 19 L (5 g) of water to be used throughout the ride. It only takes 20 seconds to refill.
Supports 1.02-m (40-in.) minimum passenger height. This broad requirement offers exciting experiences for every age group.
Swing Thing Attraction In Action

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