We built our heavy-duty motion base (HDMB) for motion simulator rides to exceed the highest operational uptime. With a class-leading payload allowance, the three degrees of freedom (3DoF) HDMB is a must-have for modern-day amusement parks. Perfect for a custom-themed cabin or a tour bus turned into a motion simulator show, the HDMB will make your guests feel like they’re flying, sliding, free-falling, and leave both guests and your operations team smiling.
Proven record of 100% uptime. Unceasingly reliant and dependable.
The HDMB ships assembled and tested, and it can be installed in less than eight hours.
Provides a 50,000 lbs. (23-metric ton) weight allowance for a ride vehicle or custom-themed cabin.
Position accuracy within .25 mm.
Heavy-duty motion base

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