JR Automation creates world-first, one-of-a-kind attractions that evoke an emotional and life-changing experience for riders. We have the scale and level of experience needed to create innovative attractions for your guests. We leverage our experience with heavy-duty motion bases, show-action equipment, and custom coasters to immerse riders into the thrill of flight, driving, or experiencing popular attractions with their own senses.
For decades, JR Automation has been a partner in progress for the top amusement brands in the world, to bring world-first attractions to market. Together, with our partners and clients, we create the Genius Within by applying hundreds of thousands of hours of experience, consistent hard work, and proven integrity to meet scope, schedule and budget objectives.

JR Automation uses proven and tested technical project management processes that result in top-of-industry reliability and the highest ride uptimes for our clients.


We also eliminate in-field operational risk through a seasoned and experienced staff of engineers. Starting from white-paper concepts, our engineers develop and prototype critical safety and mechanical designs, conducting hours of internal and Factory Acceptance Testing. JR Automation is relentless in finding all options and opportunities for operational improvement, well in advance of the ride installation at the customer’s site.



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JR Automation partners with the world's leading theme parks to design, build, and install custom attractions. Learn more about our various applications within the amusement industry:

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