Laser Welding Solutions
Laser welding provides a low-heat input solution in a fraction of the time compared to conventional welding methods.
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Flexible Welding Cell
A flexible welding cell had to designed and built for low volume production runs of more than 100 different part types. Additional requirements included automated rapid changeovers of less than one minute, cycle times of (3) seconds per weld, eliminating the need for operators to move heavy weld fixtures, focusing on quality control for different part materials and thicknesses, and improving weld consistency.

Technical Capabilities Involed:

  • welding applications
  • robotics integration
  • material handling solutions
Flexible Welding Cell
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Project Management
Delivering results
Our Project Execution Process (PEP) uses a proprietary phase gate approach to managing and delivering automation solutions. This advanced methodology keeps our global teams in sync, improves project planning, enables effective scaling, and ensures we're always learning and improving from our experience. Applied alongside our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System, this process facilitates effective collaboration and keeps cross-functional product development data unified and integrated into downstream manufacturing systems. Bottom line: we have the people, processes, and systems in place to deliver excellence—every time.
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The JR Automation Process

The JR Automation Process
Ryan Geurink
Ryan loves embracing new challenges
My favorite challenge is the tooling for a cell. Getting to put it all together and work with the engineers to debug and dial it in so that we are making great parts.
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